Highdrive Mainly Produce LiSOCL2 Battery, LiMnO2 Battery, LiFeS2 Battery, Lithium polymer Battery,
Primary Lithium Battery Packs,IoT battery, LoRaWAN Battery,any customized battery pack & Dedicated to the development of high energy ratio,
low self discharge lithium sulfuryl chloride battery

LI-Mno2 Batteries

1.High Voltage
2.Suitable for large current

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Li-Socl2 Batteries

1.High voltage
2.Long shelf life
3.Wide working temperature range

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Battery pack

Lithium ion battery pack
Customized battery pack

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Primary Lithium
Battery Packs

IoT project battery
Customized Primary battery
Primary battery solutions

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about us

Shenzhen Highdrive Tech Co., Ltd. was founded in Nov 2019, is a A technology-based factory in green battery product R & D / production / programme services, located in the beautiful Pingdu CityEconomic and Technological Development Zone.
As a new technology enterprise, the company respects knowledge,respects talents and pays attention to innovation.
The company employs an authoritative team of experts in the industry,master the core technology, using the original carbon pole manufacturing technology, high-efficiency automatic electro-hydraulic production process, dedicated to the development of high energy ratio,low lag lithium sulfuryl chloride battery, customized products for electrical terminals, to provide optimal